Versatile, expressive and guaranteed to catch your attention; a bone inlay side table will radiate warmth throughout your living space and make a stunning impact. Whether positioned beside a couch, tucked into a cosy nook or nestled beside an armchair; the styling options for a bone inlay side table are limitless! Whether you opt for our brass-based or monochromatic steel collections of side tables; there exist a multitude of styling options which will complement a diverse array of aesthetics. Our gorgeous collection of bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay side tables are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India carrying out a time-honoured method passed down through generations. Intricate pieces of buffalo bone or mother of pearl are hand-carved and laid onto the surfaces of each piece of bone or pearl inlay side table. The spaces are then hand-filled with resin and polished. Each Joshua and Jane bone inlay side table is completely unique and is designed to last a life-time.