Looking after your inlay piece 

Exposure to Sunlight

Bone and pearl inlay should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but can be exposed to moderate or filtered light. As a natural substance, the colouring of bone and pearl inlay actually lasts best in an environment which is not completely dark! Bone and pearl inlay is absolutely not recommended for outdoor use.

Maintaining a moderate temperature  

Please be sure to take care of the room temperature around your bone or pearl inlay furniture. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the wooden base to contract or expand. If you find your drawers are a bit more difficult to open on occasion, temperature changes are likely the reason. We do not recommend to use a heater in a room where bone or pearl inlay furniture is stored. Minor changes in temperature will not lead to any harm but extreme changes in temperature can cause damage.


Bone and pearl inlay is a natural product with a porous surface. To clean your bone or pearl inlay piece of furniture or homewares, wipe its surface with a slightly damp cloth.  There is absolutely no need to use any kind of chemical to clean it.