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Natalya Stern is a practicing artist working in video, photography, collage, sculpture and performance art. This website contains a curated selection of works for purchase. These photographic works range from digital photographs, 35mm film and medium format film. In addition, photographic works can be commissioned as can video works, collage and sculpture.

At this early stage in her career her work is constantly evolving. 2019 saw Natalya’s work appear in galleries in Melbourne, Australia focusing on the conceptual part of her practice. These works incorporate video projections, mirrors, sound and photographic print to convey emotive subject matter to the audience. Natalya graduated Photography (Fine Arts) at VCA in 2018. This training saw Natalya develop and experiment with photography, sculpture, performance pieces and video art. Taking on the knowledge of composition, colour and sound, Natalya’s practice endeavours to encapsulate these elements to create meaningful and attractive work.

The photographic works for sale on this website are vibrant in colour palette and have been taken in places all over the world including Greece, Hong Kong, Paris, Hawaii, Spain, Los Angeles, Sydney, Lorne and Melbourne.

These works have a wide range of subject matter often being drawn from nature and the built environment, with the ocean repetitively being the focal point. The strong colours of the ocean fascinate Natalya, as the ocean is a place where she takes great pleasure. The nature of the ocean, being both joyous and playful as well as dark and dangerous, provides a foundation for exploring various emotional themes. These works draw the viewer in to contemplate the oceans’ significance to them and others. The works allow the subject matter to speak individually to the viewer in whatever way the viewer wishes to interpret them. Beauty, wherever it is found, is what Natalya’s practice is inspired by. Allow these works to inspire and excite you and allow them to elevate your home or workspace.